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Photos from Stefanie Bautista and Ariel Landrum


If you’re a vintage lover, whether it be young or old, Los Angeles has a new vintage meet-up for you! Strut your stuff with other locals in a lowkey, fun way at Vintage LA’s bi-monthly get togethers. Usually held at a bar or restaurant, this latest gathering on Saturday, February 9, 2019 at The Prince LA was nothing short of a great time. Individuals from all parts of Southern California came and made connections with one another through their mutual admiration for all things vintage.

Outside of this event, there are a limited amount of vintage meetups available. The big three: Dapper Day at Disneyland, Viva Las Vegas in Las Vegas, and Tiki Oasis in Palm Springs, are so spread apart from one another, any chance for another gathering is sure to catch a lot of attention.

Many people, including us at People of Con, heard about the event via Facebook. A simple invite with an address, a spiffy image of a 1940s dame, and a promise to dress to impress lured about 2000 interested followers. Though there was sparse information on the provided on the event, the buzz spread like wildfire.

Upon arriving at the historic building in which The Prince restaurant is located, you immediately walk down a narrow stairway that leads to the bar/restaurant area, where you are transported back in time. Originally founded as the Windsor Inn in 1927, the restaurant was recently made popular as the interior bar featured in New Girl.

Paintings of baroque-style portraits line the walls of the restaurant, which is separated into two sections, along with a private room in the back. Dimly lit, with red wallpaper, wood-panel detailing, and large leather booths with red leather tables create the signature feel. A piano adorns the center of the space, which doubled as a great backdrop for photos.


Located in Koreatown, this local eatery has a full bar and food menu, full of delicious and affordable Korean dishes. They have signature cocktails that are modeled after the historic building and its surroundings, such as the Brown Derby and The Prince Special Cocktail.

The ever so accommodating hosts of the event reserved a section ahead of time for those in attendance. People flowed into the hideaway dressed in all eras, ranging from the 20s, all the way to the 60s. Due to the cold weather, people seized the opportunity to break out their fur coats and sharpest headwear. There were true vintage pieces being worn, and also modern vintage outfits on display. Guests mingled and networked, sharing vintage styling tips and connected through social media accounts.

The dim lighting, dazzling jewelry, and gentlemen sporting their 3 piece suits created a snapshot similar to a Raymond Chandler adaptation. The atmosphere in the room was lively with conversation and laughter, capping off a perfect chilly night with a touch of cinema noir.

As the night was drawing a close, the lovely hosts thanked everyone in attendance. This sealed the deal, at least for People of Con, to be regulars at this bi-monthly meet-up.

The next second Saturday will take place on Saturday, April 13th, 2019. To learn about more about the bi-monthly gatherings, as well as additional vintage events, follow Vintage Life LA on Facebook.

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The Prince Restaurant
3198 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90005