First published in Press Pass LA on June 28, 2017

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The masses continue to be compelled by beautiful handmade designs in their caffine drinks, crafted from fashionable baristas, called latte art. Ranging from the traditional clover to interact depictions of pop-culture icons, it’s easy to see how these picturesque drinks are Snapchatted filter-free.

As the espresso-designed enthusiasm continues to grow, a new java technology has been introduced, which allows photos to essentially be printed onto foam. This allows the buyer to feature their favorite meme or character on their drink (completely Instagram-worthy). Coffee connoisseurs can find this great gem at Carrera Café at West Hollywood or in Burbank at Simply Coffee and Red Maple Café.

All of these shops are the proud owners of The Ripple Maker: a machine that impresses an image on the layer of foam from of a hot latte or cappuccino (or tea-latte). Though the three establishments are each unique, they all need these device to be able to provide these unique customize orders. With the last days of Pride Month coming to a close, and a huge desire to partake in this coffee craze, a visit to Carrera Café in WeHo is a must.

Upon walking in customers are greeted by friendly staff, busy at work behind the bar. While waiting in line they can peruse the opening shelving behind them, which contains a variety of artisanal snacks from around the world. Anyone who arrives to the shop famished is delighted with a variety of desserts, delicious buttermilk amazing sandwiches, large salads, and beautiful Belgian waffle bars.

Currently, their outdoor seating features a wall with a painted Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart, advertising their show Martha and Snoops’ Potluck Dinner Party. Directly across from the shop is the Paul Smith pink wall, but currently for Pride they are sporting a beautiful rainbow, asking the fashionable to use the hashtag #kindcomments.

Before ordering a cup-of-joe, download the app titled, Coffee Ripples. Simple and user friendly, the app will prompt individuals to choose to an image from their phone library or use stock clipart from the app’s library. When deciding, pick something with contrasted black and white detail. This will give the clearest picture at the end. Once the image is chosen, resized to fit the “printing screen,” patrons pick their café location, and then a number appears. Provide this number to the barista, and like magic, an inspiring quote or selfie will be on their hot beverage.

As coffee continues to be nectar from the gods, it to will continue to inspire society. With a culture fixated on social media and memes, an opportunity to combine the two was bound to happen. The drink and the visit are worth it for anyone who wants style with their cup. 

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