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For the first time ever, creatures from all eras of evolution heard the colorful calls of Dapper Day on Sunday, January 21, 2018 at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles.

Dapper Day, originally developed by a small group of devoted Disney fans, is a throwback day celebrating the old tradition of Disney Date nights, where couples would visit the park in style.

The growth and popularity of this fan-made holiday branched out to two seasons, all Disney Resorts (including Japan and France), and an Expo with vendors selling stylish merch. Celebrating it’s 7th anniversary, the fashion celebration is spreading outside of Disney parks and into local LA haunts.

This glamorous event filled all areas of the Natural History Museum with congenial hobnobbery. From shopping at fancy pop-ups to dancing in the Hall of North American Mammals, this event was a frenzy of fashion-forward friendly faces. Even the museum dinos roamed around dressed in ornate garb.

Participants enjoying the sun and sights at NHMLA brought a new wave of creativity and style. Traditionals to the original event often don color-blocked Disneybound outfits. Instead, flashing the gallery were zoot suits, pin-up dresses, and even lolita gothic skirts. It was easy to see that everyone took the theme of the event, “Stepping out in Style,” to a new level.

Participants enjoyed all areas of the museum, and were treated to two special temporary exhibits. The first was the TATTOO museum, exploring the culture and history behind body art. On display were human life molds of all body parts with exact tattoo replicas. The NHMLA even created a tattoo parlor at which guests could get a custom tattoo. Seeing this exhibit came at an additional cost, but was worth the extra bucks, especially for Dapper Day patrons who wore snazzy outfits designed to show off their tattoos.

The second surprise was in the Gem and Mineral Vault. The newest items on display, coming in at only about a billion years old, were a set of some of the oldest and rarest diamonds. These exquisitely colorful jewels were on loan from L.J. West Diamonds, a New York based company that deals in rare and colorful pieces.

Dapper Day both looked smart and acted smart by moving to classic LA venues, as this makes the event more accessible, especially as Disney trips aren’t getting cheaper. Other large cities are known for their classically themed events, but unlike dressy invite-only parties in NYC or London, Dapper Day is for everyone. The beauty is seeing the creativity and variety of what everyone deems dapper.

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The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles
Address: 900 West Exposition Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90007
Phone: (213) 763-3466


The next Dapper Day event outside of the park will take place February 18, 2018, in collaboration with the LA Opera.

People of Con will be attending the spring Dapper Day event on Sunday, April 22, 2018.

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