Edited by Ariel Landrum
Photos from Travis Hayward

On Tuesday, August 22, 2017 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 blasted its way onto DVD and Blu-ray. In order to commemorate the loss of the famed character, Yondu, and in conjunction with the release, The World Famous KROQ sponsored a Guardians event for fans at Shorty's Barber Shop in West Hollywood called “The Full Yondu”. This special occasion was even officiated by none other than the blue Ravager himself, actor Michael Rooker.

As many may remember, this alien’s character development left audiences in tears. Introduced in the first installment of GOTG as a villain, Yondu was known for killing, thieving, and of course kidnapping Peter “Star Lord” Quill. The second flick flipped this storyline upside down when we learned that he was actually saving the hero from a fate worse than death. Before his shocking demise, Star Lord agreed that though Yondu wasn’t his father, he was worthy of the title “Daddy.”

Therefore, in order to pay homage to an amazing character, 10 hardcore fans volunteered to pay homage by getting “The Full Yondu” at the release party festivities. These brave souls had their hair styled, shaved, and dyed red into a mohawk, similar to the red fin sported by the famous Centaurian. These brave devotees were rewarded with a Guardians goodie bag, complete with their own Blu-ray copy of the film. These lucky few even got a photo op with Rooker, post hairdo.

Those of us too chicken to get our head shaved weren't completely left out, however. The first 50 of us attending the affair received our own digital copy of the movie, as well as a pair of Groot earbud charms, a limited edition Guardians Inferno poster (signed by Rooker), and a $50 gift card to Shorty's Barber Shop, should we change our mind and decide to get a mohawk after all.

Rooker was incredibly generous to the small crowd of admirers waiting to see him. He took his time with all of us, signing various Guardians memorabilia and posing for selfies. I sported my favorite Mallrats shirt, which he even commented on. Surprisingly, for a man who can play a rather convincing space criminal, he is both approachable and down-to-Earth.

As the celebration drew to a close, one final drawing was held for an incredibly unique, one of a kind Yondu umbrella, signed by Rooker himself. With utter shock and joy, the name called was mine. All-in-all it was a rather successful honor for great character who will be missed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Though I didn’t get a special hair-cut, with finned umbrella in hand I can now regularly yell, "I’m Mary Poppins, y’all!"


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