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Yesterday, we officially reached our Kickstarter goal of $48,000 to fund 10 short anime comic dub episodes featuring our food truck mascot, Haru-chan! We launched our "Episode 0" giving the backstory of Haru on YouTube last month to much praise and now it's time to expand upon her adventure in Los Angeles. Thank you to all who donated and shared to make this possible. It means the world to us!

These episodes will be fully voiced and produced videos following the adventures of Haru and the rest of the fictional Okamoto Kitchen team, running at about 3 minutes each. What makes the episodes "comic dubs" is the fact that they will feature a limited amount of animation via mouth movements, facial expressions, scaling, panning effects, isolated objects in motion, and basic limb movement. Essentially what this means is that it won't be quite a full-fledged anime in terms of animation, but more like a moving comic of sorts.
This is an incredible start for all of the stories we plan to tell with our original characters. However, there's even more we aim to do and we can do it even sooner with your help!

There are 5 days left in the Kickstarter campaign and it would be great if we were able to build upon our existing success. We currently have 4 stretch goals:

  • $57,000 - We will make a Japanese dub version of the episodes with English subs.

  • $98,000 - We will make 24 comic dub webtoons as opposed to just 10.

  • $149,000 - We will make the same 24 comic dub episodes, but extended to around 8-10 minutes each.

  • $340,000 - We will create a 22-minute, FULLY animated anime OVA. 

If you would like to support these stretch goals, you can donate to our Kickstarter here or you can share the link to the campaign on social media. Every little bit goes a long way!

Regardless of what happens from here, this series is getting its first big start and we plan to take it much farther from this point. We greatly look forward to beginning this journey.
Thank you so much. We hope you look forward to our upcoming food truck adventures!

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