As the ever expanding Los Angeles continues to create unique experiences for Angelenos and tourists alike, an often missed area in the county is San Fernando Valley. Some mention the heat and the trek on the 405 are contributing factors. However, most believe there is nothing to do in The Valley. The unaffiliated would, then, be missing out on the amazing Alice in Wonderland themed bar, The Rabbit Hole, hidden in the West Hills.

This gem attracts locals because of its freaky ambience and bedazzled beverages. Camouflaged well with its neighboring, nameless, stucco strip mall buildings, newbies to the area may drive past. The mindful eye would notice, however, a neon sign with upside down lettering, which is the only clue that eccentric fun is ahead.

Patrons walk through a door, weaving their way around a hedge maze, to feast their eyes on the quirky goodness. The décor is embellished with funky funhouse mirrors, lopsided televisions, and obscure Disney collectables that only true Mouseketeers would spot. Completing the look are custom barstools depicting oddball characters from the bar’s inspiration. The setup even includes an all-female staff decked in costumes reminiscent of characters from magical Wonderland. The flawless adornments will have guests expecting to see the Mad Hatter having a tea party.

Like any drinking establishment, the largest focus should be placed on the drinks. Fortunately, The Rabbit Hole serves a large variety of mixed potables and spirits, most that embrace the theme of their namesake. The shooters are particularly festive, as they are placed in a variety of bottles with tags requesting, “Drink me!,” mirroring the shrinking potion Alice took in the novels.

The best concoctions to try, however, are the goblets. Large, brightly lit with luminescent ice-cubes, and decked with straws and deck-of-card clover shape stirrers, they will make every penny count. Their signature drink, Down the Rabbit Hole, contains a sweet mix of Bacardi, Myers’s, Parrot Bay, Sailor Jerry, Bacardi 151, Grenadine, pineapple, & orange juice. The bartender’s precise pours for this drink creates a colored layered effect that is only enhanced with the glowing of the lights.

It should be noted there is a $15 minimum when using a card, so anyone venturing a visit should plan to stay. Ample parking can be found on the street and cash customers can enjoy a taco truck outside. Any hipsters looking for the gastropub vibe or beer snob scene will want to pass. For those brave enough to make the haul to The Valley and not wanting a wasted trip, going straight to The Rabbit Hole is a must.

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