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Summer in Los Angeles: beach days, outdoor movies, bbqs, and an increase in the pop up culture. From themed restaurants to museums, ironically it seems that these time sensitive experiences are here to stay. One of the most anticipated for the month of June 2017 is the Tokidoki ice cream pop up at Kiddos Creamery. Hot days are meant for ice cream, but La La Land needs their sweet treat with flair.

Tokidoki is a Japanese-inspired lifestyle brand which was created in 2005. Italian artist Simone Legno and his business partners Pooneh Mohajer and Ivan Arnold started out by developing creative patterns with anime-style characters. These characters have now become iconic, with names, stories, and worlds attached to them. Now fans purchase apparel, accessories, and even artwork, depicting a beloved Unicorno or Cactus Friend 

Collaborations are a large part of the Tokidoki credo, and desserts are ever present in their designs, so creating an ice cream pop up for these dog days was a perfect fit. Choosing Kiddos Creamery in Glendale, CA was also a work of genius. This brand new artisan dessert shop, as it has only been around since 2016, has grown immensely with it’s own cult following. Cousins Jon Shin and Jeffrey Im started their business with the help of their friends and family.

This dream team splits the work up with master-chef Shin creating a rotating flavor palate of ice cream, frozen yogurt, and frozen desserts, while Im coordinates the business itself. With Asian inspired flavors like matcha, and ice cream sandwiches made from monaka (rice flour) wafers, joining forces with Tokidoki was a must.

Each week Kiddos Creamery will introduce 8 different flavors of ice cream centered around a Tokidoki character. Individuals who purchase an ice cream are also given a limited edition pin depicting a celebrated character for the week. The grand opening of this month long affair was June 3, 2017, so of course, when Tokidoki announces they are doing a pop up shop, devotees flocked to it from miles. One group drove an upwards of two and half hours. The line wrapped around the building and into an alley behind the neighboring restaurants - some eager followers found themselves waiting for a lofty four hours.

Aside from the attraction of themed ice cream and Tokidoki products, fans arrived early for a chance to be one of 50 that would win a swag bag. The opening day also included an extra limited edition pin, which was a hot item among the fans. The event coordinators made the wait enjoyable by interacting with the crowd. They live streamed fans through social media, had hourly raffles, and promoted the Instagram contest that everyone can participate in throughout the month. They encouraged individuals to take their best selfie by the neon logo which would earn them a chance to win a $250 Tokidoki gift card.

This pop up started out with a delicious bang, with these two fun factions coming together. Being extremely successful right out of the gate, it’s sure to be a success for the entire month. Whether to collect exclusive pins, try heavenly creamery, or join in the pop up craze, visiting Kiddos Creamery as they partner with Tokidoki is a must.

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